Friday, 22 April 2016

Friday night fights Four new players PART 2

Hi folks

Thought I would post up some  concluding  parts of our new players game.

Some of the photos are not great but they will suffice and would like to thank both James an Richard (axis forces) and Robin and Paul ( allied forces) .

The Germans started in a difficult position if you see the earlier report with no substantial reserves so far and hence the Americans whom started this second phase, straight away got even more men and material. They began to attack aggressively into the village. What followed was a great simulation and a bit of a nail biter as the yanks attacked and inflicted casualties through accurate Chemical mortar and small arms fire forcing the German platoon to take morale checks to stay. The Schwimwaggons on this flank did really well repelling assaults and directing artillery fire until over run by a determined Engineer attack. However, this flank was saved towards the end of the game by a heroic SDK charge into the rough which repulsed  the Americans and stabilised the situation.

In the  centre it was the Panther that stole the limelight systematically moving firing and destroying everything it engaged. The panther  made every hit  and every firepower taking out four Sherman's and an armoured car. He was shot by a bazooka team when he failed to stormtrooper but it missed and that proved the turning point along with the flak halftracks risking destruction at close quarters when they attacked and brought carnage to the buildings killing twenty Americans in a hail of 20 mm and breaking the first Us infantry platoon. The Americans now began an to concentrate on their right flank as they brought more men up in the village and had overwhelming odds but then in turn nine all the German reserves arrived and an aggressive series of counter attacks were launched  with their Panzers which drove back the Americans. The zz reinforced the village with more infantry and a heavy weapons platoon and contested the village but at the farm the Panther supported by German zz engineers effectively controlled this area.

Alas the yanks did not have good dice this session and their air failed to materialise which was critical. The American commander Robin did very well indeed and used smoke brilliantly and was adaptive to changing battle conditions but was sensible enough to consider withdrawing and fight another day. James playing the Germans had a brilliant second bound and was confident, aggressive and concentrated and by the end of the game was poised to take it to the enemy.

Casualties were about 80 Americans, four Sherman's including the one and two Ics the recovery Sherman and one armoured car. The Germans lost one armoured car , a neb and about thirty infantry.

A really good introduction which the players enjoyed and were introduced to all rules. great game, great spirit on the table and lashings of fun...