Sunday, 17 July 2016


Evening folks..

WW2 has begun....Attached are the photos from the historical battle of Mokra within the first few days of The Nazi invasion. Here the Wolynska Cavalry held 4th Panzer, inflicting significant loses on the poorly coordinated tank and infantry attacks.

In this game the Germans started with tanks racing to secure two vital crossings. Initially feinting an attack against the church they then switched and hit the rail crossing with the Panzer light tanks only to be thwarted by Orlic and his tankettes and the train SMIALY. The Germans lost 4:3, losing about seven Panzers, a Kradschutzen platoon and 2 six rads to the Polish losses  of five  tankettes, two guns, both gun cars of the train and an infantry platoon.

This precursor game along with battle of Westerplatte hopefully get us in the mood for the opening campaign of  WW2. Enjoy the pics and look forward to your comments.

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