Monday, 17 August 2015

Wheels of steel Panzer breakout

Following directly on from Fools Errand on the same tale a very important aspect to this game, the battle is joined in turn 13 by the Panzers whilst the Russians received a Strelkovy company and Kvs . Here we move into game 2. The forces on the table such as the German recon and Russian Motorised are all now subject to limited ammunition checks for those units that fired. What followed demonstrated the versatility and sheer firepower a German Panzer Force  could unleash on the Russians at this time. So devastating, that actual flies in the game room were actually settling on the Russian dead counters.

 The soviets made many pressure errors compounded by some awful dice, where for example in two turns of Schutzen rifle and MG fire they lost fifteen bases, 7 and then 8 bases seen in one shot by a whole swathe of cut down Russians boldly charging from the wheat. However, whilst the German Recon forces were the stars, fighting and pressing the Russians back, the Panzers soon showed their mettle with aggressive combined arms precision as they systematically eradicated platoon after platoon. Only three KVs were to thwart them on one objective at the crossroads and these suffered several wailing Stuka attacks to no avail .

The German reserves all came in again opposite the industrial area and as the KVs, those implacable behemoths,  could not be budged the Germans made a bridge crossing and took the industrial complex, their 150mm Op off table forced to enter the city and his fire therefore nullified as he kept moving until the very last turn.

 Like all historical battles of this period  there are re not fair fights; the forces attacking in many cases outnumbering the opponent, the rules reflecting the difficulties of the Russians and it was tough  and required much thinking. However, as the Germans progress they will find their enemies resolve stiffen, they will suffer fuel problems and ammunition shortages and the constant counter attacks will numb  their enthusiasm and begin to demoralise this finely sharpened razor.

Ultimately the Germans won taking 4 VPS  to the  Russian 3 but it was theRussian losses that were staggering. 100 Russian bases or circa 400 men, 6ATGS and AAA guns, 10 T26 tanks, 5 Amphibs and many trucks abandoned or captured. The German losses negligible 10 infantry approx. 40 men, 5 sdks and a supply truck, but they captured a Russian. They recovered their only knocked out tank post battle owning the field and the mechanic making his roll.

The  Russians withdrew leaving the KVs to delay their enemy until nightfall  but unsupported  these elephants would be neutralised by 150mm artillery, Stukas or the pioneers. It was a black day for the Russians but these significant German losses were not insignificant at all. Many of them officers and NCOs whom were veterans and over time this attrition was to be their downfall.

Enjoy part Two and that's it folks. for a while