Monday, 2 May 2016


Hi guys and thought I would post what we are working on behind the scenes.....namely our Apocalypse Now series for the comics coming out next year. These are not our full sets but give an idea and I have done a few SFX on the last few pics

The photos that follow are of our first  tester game with VC with spawn points IE tunnels. Air Cav, Brown Water Navy, Anzacs, Seals and PAVN. Using our HOH rules adapted from FOW and with our Battledeck system it was a most successful start...haven't time for the full tale but pics for your amusement.

The Americans won 8 : 3 by the way finding the caches, and destroying three tunnels, rescuing a downed pilot before deciding to bug out under the cover of the Hog Gunships..the Americans and Australians lost about thirty men and three helicopters,one from small arms fire whilst the VC and PAVN lost 80 men.

Thanks to Lord Paget, Resin Tony, Fearless Phil and Mike Target

Fab fun, and very enjoyable with loads of tactical thinking....a great start.


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