Sunday, 26 July 2015

Barbarossa Day 2 The Red Train

In the first 48 hours of the greatest invasion in history, the Soviet Command was paralysed. Orders and an overall strategy unclear and the reds were hurried forward to  attack wherever they were to drive back the invader. This scenario tries to capture that spirit as Russians are poured forward discharging from a train against a german recon company. What follows is one of the best Russian performances to date with a 24 turn or 4 Hour engagement in which first the german recon company was frustrated by a brilliant soviet defence, notably by one regular company which fought off 9 assaults and held just down to 33 men and officers destroying seven enemy vehicles including a panzer two and over thirty german infantry. Their tenacity was the Germans undoing and the Russians claimed their first victory, the Red train being withdrawn having been under terrible fire and thereupon became off table artillery support. In the second game the Germans attacked with their infantry only to be met by more fierce resistance and many enemyT 26 twin turreted tanks. In the end the german infantry was charged and driven if and the german attacks were very unsuccessful and met with many casualties.  In the end only three door knockers saved the Germans from being completely over run and the soviets again triumphed. However two games after this the Germans sent their armour on a pincer and won a great victory cutting off these forces into a pocket to be reduced coming up soon. The photos tell a remarkable story so please enjoy and share them.

More from the Ostfront in due course

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