Monday, 22 February 2016

COMBAT Episode 1 NORMANDY 44 Comic

Hi guys and at last a brand new comic series is here....NORMANDY 44 will focus on just that whilst the second series AXIS OF ATTACK will be about Axis forces and their war as allies to Germany.

So grab a coffee or cuppa and if you are knackered  a small beverage and sit back and enjoy the action as I transport you to June 1944. We begin with my homage to the Combat TV series made in 1962 and I hope you like it.

Please note the medium I work with is spell check enhanced and this makes it really hard at times to edit on my bleeding iPad so I apologise in advance for the spelling mistakes.

I really would appreciate any feedback and I respect everyone's voice so if you want to help or just get involved me.




  1. Very good! Looks like a great game and a really interesting way of presenting it. Table looks great as well.

  2. Thanks old bean just got to fix the bleeding spell checker it is driving me mad....

  3. Thanks old day we will all get on these tables and mighty fun I can guarantee you. Trust you are well. Can I suggest you join table top commanders and join in our live paint and chats. It's a great way to paint and chat and get loads painted. Lively discourse, quizzes and fun.

    Best wishes old bean and thanks again for your support.

  4. Hi Mark, another work of art and up to your usual high standard as always. Great looking game and loads of action. Currently slogging my way through painting the Italian cavalry, I'll let you know once I'm done and we can fix up a game.



  5. Thanks old bean and for Christ sake get back to the tables down here I need your invaluable wit, ideas and great gameplay. Those Italians are going to need for the axis of attack scenario a few single teams on small bases, a single man team cavalry and flag standard on medium base and a medium bases of medic. Good old Giovani I think he may be busy in Russia. I have your camerman Sergio Leone and we need count Alfini mounted I think on a medium base.

    Best wishes o