Saturday, 6 February 2016

Finlands Fishermen

Evening Gentlemen

Here's the News

Another game from our Finish Campaign this time in the North as we went a little fictions to try out some rules. This game concerned a Russian Landing down the coast and an attack against a Finish village which controlled the only road south. The game was twelve turns with a BATTLE DECK which contained, events,  air strikes, bombardments and reserves. It proved to be a brilliant game fought very well by both sides ending in. 6:6 draw but overall marginal Finish Victory as they held the field. Sniping duels, amphibious tanks, reindeer transports, ambush minefields and wire, officers shot dead in the field, a finish coward, soviet marines and much more. Ultimately a fab game very well played and the fins with much poorer troops and less of them held.

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  1. Dam them fisherman!!! How dare they resist their comrade Brothers.

  2. Steven I understand your tactical withdrawal will require explanation at Headquarters. I am sure Colonel Commisar Lubenko will have a suitable explanation as you head deeper into Finland.Perhaps Major Octoberiski will also be reporting to explain to the boss what went wrong . Great game and well played onward and upward and do subscribe if you haven't...did you like the totally unbiased pathe news