Monday, 25 April 2016

Episode 5 ATTACK Part 1

Hi folks and here it is Episode 5 part 1 

This episode looks at higher command and cowardice based on the film Attack which was made in 1958 I believe. It is worth a watch and stars Eddie Albert, Jack Palance and Lee Marvin to name but a few...

46 pages of fun so grab a beverage and put your toes up

As usual look forward to your comments and thoughts which keep me going when it it is late at night. Remember this is your FOW community comic so get involved if you want to details can be found in the editorial section of the comic

Best wishes readers 


Saturday, 23 April 2016

Teaser Episode 5 ATTACK

Well that's a wrap for the next Comic.

Thought I would just put some pics up for the fans of some unedited stills based on two games back to back linked  (24 turns) and loads of action as CT Americans take on Falschirmjaer and Das Reich in an epic encounter...

Now have the editing and writing to do so no story here for you chaps but let's say the yanks saw the elephant.....

A coward, higher command intervention, Maurauders heroism, damn bad luck, light tanks vs Heavies it had it all and was really challenging to play but by god it smells and feels like the early desperate fighting in the bocage....

The comic episode five will be out in a week or so and if you haven't read episodes one to four they are in the archive below so sit down have a cuppa and enjoy ....