Friday, 3 January 2014

Gents a somewhat belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...I have been a tad busy with our first ever FOW Mega Game set in Normandy 1944. For full details of our sets and an impartial overview please visit our imaginary war correspondent Justin's report at Model in the after action section.

Our new Comic will be hitting the electronic ether this year whilst the old World in Flames will continue which I hope to post the next episode this week Apologies  for the delays. WE have come a long way and are growing and getting better methinks. We are still looking for supporters and comments so don't be shy and contact us.

Do enjoy this work and and I think you will see the sets are something wonderful not least the historical wargaming and players..

I am indebted to many Lord Paget, Rude Boy, Resin Tony, Fearless Phil, Napoleon, The Comodore, Silverspray, Gandolf, Young Aryan, Bauhaus, Cromwell, Model Dads (aka Justin Timberlake) Nutz Pitchfork, Roger Roger and others including my three daughters who keep us all in Tea and biscuits...

Best Wishes for 2014