Saturday, 16 April 2016

Friday Night Fights and Four New Players

Hi guys

Thought I would do a quick sit rep with our introductory game.

The objectives are the town cross and the farmhouse. Both have a 12 inch circle which must not be uncontested to be taken. This increases the responsibility to ensure the area is cleared and a cogent defence is in place of said objective...important in town fighting and for escalation games...

It is turn 7 the Germans have had no reserves since rolling for them so for three turns now and for five turns failed to dig in the nebs.

The panther has come into action and moved from the neb battery position and taken two Sherman's out ( five kills in a game gives a tiger ace skill to a tank by the way) including the us tank 2 IC, hit in the flank from the cherry orchard by the panther. The mechanic fled not liking his chances of recovering it at this time...Zz Hauptmann Weger the Panther commander wants more tanks but is alone. However, his tank dominates the town and is supported by the only German infantry in the town. These luckily avoided a booby trap entering a building and cleared two buildings before coming under us infantry fire?...The American gi's have also moved up and cleared several buildings of civilians and have assaulted the zz FT infantry and been counter assaulted and driven back...the zz also tactically fell back forcing the Americans if they assault again to take more fire a very good move...they need more support and are very outnumbered in the town at the moment.

The German swim wagons from the get go have been used very well and have attacked and killed three bases including the sniper. They are also in a good position to spot and now sit capable of removing GTG, guarding the flank and calling in artillery. The Thunderbolt  air attacks have taken out one neb but had one aircraft shot down and several driven off. The Jabos are rightly feared by the Germans and they are holding their dice now for enemy reserves another good stratagem.

The losses so far are seven us infantry bases approx 28 men ( the medic made one recovery) a sniper, two Sherman's.

The Germans one neb, 1 SDK and three infantry bases say 12 men.

The us have used smoke to excellent effect and the neb observer has been under constant 50 cal and mortar fire, smoke and is the only unit on this objective...The Sherman's have forced the refugee column off the road  and there are many reserves to come so the game is building in intensity.

Based on feedback the four new players really appeared to enjoy historical FOW and we have left the table up to finish next week. So in this tester we covered all the rules.

A rule we are also using for the first time is High Velocity which is a good idea  and gives Increases the range too 36 inches for the panthers high velocity gun by the way...

Sorry about the picture quality but this isn't a comic and just want to share. The air duel was a draw with both aircraft not gaining a tail and as such shot but did no damage and bugged out...the us won initiative.

By the way if you want to play or get involved just ask