Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Table Top Commanders, Google and Facebook

Hi guys


Thought I might give a shout out for TTC. It's on Google and Facebook.

This is an impartial and international group of wargamers that come together via live Paint and Chat podcasts discussing everything and of course FOW.

CHECK IT OUT  and whether you choose to join in the fun and activities or just watch and paint you never need be alone again.

The main events are Wednesday and Sunday night hosted by Kurtus but off air can be every night during the week .

Importantly we are doing a 24 hour live podcast soon and I hope you guys will join in...


I am also now on Google and FACEBOOK and have set up House of Hengist Comics on Google as a group to help people with making comics, building sets and terrain and all other things comic related..

Check it out post and enjoy. Here you can see me building stuff and get ideas on cheap and successful approaches from Figures to buildings and scenery.

Best wishes H