Wednesday, 5 August 2015

A pocket full of Rye

This game was about the initial advance before Dubno and Brody. The german advance was caught off guard by a massive Russian armoured counterattack which sent shivers down OKW command. Here the T34 was to emerge in the south and the Germans barely managed to prevent the pincers severing their attack vector; through air power and the mechanical and ammunition shortages the soviets had as well as their poor combination of arms due to a number of issues. Eventually they defeated the Russians in a brilliant series of counter strokes and the russian armour in the southern sector was crippled as a result but german losses were heavy. We recommend the bloody triangle an excellent read on the largest tank battle in history before Kursk...check it out. It is quite staggering.

To replicate the first contact of this frontier battle the german kradshutzen company is knackered and at rest as a russian radeki company attacks. The Germans are at the sewage works and both the bicycle platoon and armoured cars are resting refitting pinned as a result. The Russians selected three german platoons from their list and deployed them on the three objectives and then pulled one. They could not select artillery.

  What followed was Thrilling as the soviets battered into the Germans but their tanks failed in assault  and the then the  Germans managed to put up a stoic defence until the strelkovy company attacked and smashed through the centre. However the Germans on delayed reserves stabilised the situation. Their reserves preset in order of appearance and the the tank hunters armoured pioneers drove the Russians back but at the end of the day even with a surprise t28 the Russians had taken heavy losses losing all their tanks and their infantry reduced to about 20% effectives. At this point the objectives were contested and the  Germans held on this part of the flank but in the other sectors what is occurring? Stay tuned folks and enjoy...