Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Final Frontier - Barbarossa - Day 1

It is damn hard to recreate history especially when the sets have to change all the time. Some of the best sets are permanent eg Model Dads and the Terrain Guy but war gaming needs flexibility so you can recreate the diverse nature of the battlefields and theatres. All this aside we are currently working on the Final Frontier series for our Comics and will be taking our readers on a historical journey through this campaign as we hope to do also on the Normandy 44 series.

This game had it all in the Germans favour (points, quality, armour, preliminary bombardment, Brandenburgers and early war limitations for the Russians). It also meant that the Soviets could not open fire until they had authorisation from high command even when under fire. That said old Fearless Phil known to our readers and one man determined to liberate Europe through Communism and free the yoke of Europe from Nazi tyranny, fought brilliantly holding the Nazi juggernaut until overwhelmed.

At this stage we just don't have the time to write up the battles but the photo montage does it's best to depict the order of things.

We hope you enjoy this tester and as usual do feedback

Day 2 this weekend as we play a scenario called Overrun where the communists are up right against it from the start facing away from the enemy and running. They will score points by delaying and getting intact units off the board. The Germans for annihilating them.

Enjoy and be bold