Saturday, 18 July 2015

Barbarossa Day 1 Game 2 The Iron Road

River crossings are bloody hard but the Russians were caught building a counter attacking bridge and on the railway bridge itself. This scenario was Based on one of the  first Russian counter attacks we had read about and we played a 12 turn game where the original panzer company from the first game pushed on and forced a river crossing only to be confronted by a hoard of T26 tanks. There were seven objectives and the Germans had to secure as many as possible along an eight foot table. The remnant Russian infantry started pinned and running from the bridge as FEARLESS PHIL did everything he could to stall the Nazi war machine but RUDEBOY CRAIG is a master of the attack and a very skilled German player using smoke air and artillery to maximum effect and wrought hell to the communists. So far he has only lost 1 Panzer 1 and 40 men destroying 27 enemy tanks and a battalion of Russian infantry and 5 armoured cars and 4 machine guns. He gains no reinforcement to his 3000 point force until after the third game. It is looking bad for the Ruskies whom are so limited and historically hand tied but Phil will fight to the last to protect the motherland.

The pictures tell a hell of a tale so look closely and enjoy. The next tester is the Red Train as Russians are caught disembarking and must hold the line from the panzer juggernaught...