Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The Canal1944 Part I

In commemoration of D Day we put on another game tester for the forthcoming comic combining a couple of historical ideas and dividing the board by a canal which could only take light vehicles and not tanks. This meant both sides had to think very carefully as tank support would be stranded on one side of the canal or the other and like many of our sets we like realistic terrain so LOS would be a problem.

The Brits had a Recce company CT and para company FV against a Lufwaffe RT and Zz infantry company FV. We are in the early stages only turn 5 of 24. The allied objectives the Radar station western canal cross road and the village of St Demont de Clare.

The paras have started to advance on the radar station and engaged Luftwaffe and Sven hassles platoon driving them back but light recon vehicles and Bren carriers are burning. The Germans also have A Falschimjager company FT supporting the Luftwaffe which has just arrived.

Although the allies are pressing they are outnumbered and this means infantry are precious with the axis having 9 platoons to their seven. However allied armour is available and includes shermans and churchillls.

Let's see what happens this Friday. Enjoy